Bodyboard Brands

How to choose the best bodyboard? All the bodyboarding brands who are on our directory are the best of the industrie. Visit their websites to find the best bodyboard for you.


SNIPER bodyboards

French brand of Bodyboard..

Sniper bodyboards was created in the year 2000 with the aim of bringing a wide range of bodyboards, corresponding to every skill levels and styles....
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Pride Bodyboards is a French brand founded in 1999 by Imanol Arrizabalaga. With a large number of sponsored riders in France and worldwide PRIDE is involved heavily in the...


Founded in 2002 by Mark Dale and Chris Wellington in california.At Number six we set our aim to become a top innovator in design and technology, striving to make every board and...
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Milk Bodyboards

MILK BODYBOARDS was born in 2006 with French riders who wanted to see the birth of a strong brand bodyboard in Europe.

A strong experience and two years of development allows...
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4PLAY Bodyboards

4 Play Bodyboards Australia produce some of the best bodyboards in the industry. 4Play design and manufacture boards that are of innovative design, functional and durable to...
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Arin bodyboards

Arin Bodyboards is a Spanish brand of Bodyboard near of Bilbao. We are designers and manufacturers of bodyboarding since 15 years. Arin Bodyboards is concerned about the quality...
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EMPIRE Bodyboards is a Bodyboarding brand founded in California in 2007. EMPIRE Bodyboards was created to allow the real Bodyboarders to control all aspects of Bodyboarding,...

Genesis Bodyboards

Founded in 1984, Genesis bodyboards rewrote the history of Brazilian bodyboarding. In constant search for innovation, bodyboard Genesis is now the leading brand in Brazil and...
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MANTA bodyboards

For over 25 years, the legendary brand Manta Bodyboard is part of the bodyboard world.The Bodyboards are Shaped by Reon 'Fish' Fisher for many years and the team consists of...
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Morey Bodyboards

The Bodyboarding brand created by Tom Morey, inventor of the Bodyboard.Since 1971 Morey Bodyboards promotes Bodyboard and sponsored the vast majority of world's best riders.
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NMD Bodyboards

NMD Bodyboards is shaped by the best bodyboard shaper in the world Nick "MEZ" Mesritz. The boards NMD bodyboards are fully shaped in Indonesia.Made with the finest materials and...
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Nomad Bodyboards

Nomad Bodyboards Premium,100% Australian Owned Bodyboards. The Nomad FSD (Free Surf Division) is a group of Bodyboarders that push the limits of Bodyboarding each with their...
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QCD Bodyboards

Each board QCD Boards is still 100% hand shaped by Todd Quigley and Jarrod Gibson right here in Australia, using the finest materials available and industry leading Buzz-Tech...
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Science Bodyboards

Science Bodyboards is the brand of Mike Stewart (The God father). He dedicated more than 40 years of his life to bodyboard and hugely acquired experience and knowledge. Science...
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Offering boards, accessories, clothing and video. Includes a gallery of submitted photos.
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