The top Bodyboarding Wetsuits

All the bodyboarding wetsuits brands who are on our directory are the best of the industrie. Visit their websites to find the best bodyboarding wetsuits for the next winter.

Matuse Wetsuits

Matuse Wetsuits is a Californian trademark of wetsuits.Very good wetsuits with revolutionary materials. The wetsuits are made with Matuse Geoprène Yamamoto, ​​a...
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Aleeda Wetsuits

Aleeda Wetsuits handcrafted in Huntington Beach, CA.Their wetsuits are designed to accompany you during your years sessions and are guaranteed for 1 year (seams, zippers, etc...
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Attica Wetsuits

Attica focuses on comfort, combined with warmth and durability. We’ve been testing the suits for the past two and a half years with several-high profile riders and believe...
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Agent 18

Agent18 wetsuits have been designed with a focus on performance, quality and functionality with a stylish and creative twist. Agent18 will become a benchmark in bodyboarding...
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Void Wetsuits

Void Wetsuits is the new beginning in bodyboarding and surfing specific wetsuits. The founders have been involved in the sport of Bodyboarding for over 18 years.
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Reeflex Wetsuits

Reeflex is a body board brand company with a series of wetsuits that emulate the warmth of the sun relative to its distance away from each planet in our solar system, making...
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BIARMS Wetsuits

BIARMS wetsuits. Founded in 1995 by Kiyoshi Ogawa in Japan, Biarms wetsuits are different from those usually found in the surf shop. The design and colors of wetsuits Biarms...
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