Terms of use

Thank you to submit your website to Bodyboard-Directory.com.

In order for your website to be visited before being validated, it is important to note the following conditions:

1 - The TITLE of your website

He must make between 30 and 70 characters and must be in the form of a PHRASE:

eg Bodyboard Directory, quality web site directory.

The titles comprising only the domain or word list are denied without even looking website content!.

2 - DESCRIPTION of your website

It must be UNIQUE and do:

- 600 character minimum with 1-2 deep links to pages within your site per 300 characters.

- WARNING !! No phone number, no different URL than your website, address or email address in the description !!!

3 - The URL of your website

You must submit the main URL of your website (eg http://example.com)

The subdomain (eg http://sub_domaine.example.com or http://example.com/example/) and the url pointing to an internal page are rejected automatically


Before all things and as indicated by the name of the directory, you must submit a website in the domain of BODYBOARD!

The websites of the following:

Adult websites - Dating - Electronic Cigarettes - Tarot - Casino - Gambling -  Real Estate and all the sites from the IP starts with 41. *. *. *, ... are rejected.

The description when you submit your website must be in ENGLISH.
Your website must have if it's possible a part in ENGLISH.

It must be functional and accessible and have a minimum of content.


The backlink is not mandatory, but it will help you to appear in the top positions / pages of your categories.

As the owner and administrator, I reserve the right to reject your website if it has been submitted so sloppy, does not respect the terms of use above , etc...!