Free World Tour

The Free Surf World Tour was launched by Danny Bycroft (judge IBA and APB) and by former professional bodyboarder Liam O'Toole.

History: After witnessing the disappearance of the IBA, Danny and Liam decided that there was a better way for the bodyboard to be presented to the world than by the format of the normal competition. This format and its necessary limitations did not suit the distant places, the crazy waves and the high level sport that bodyboard has become.

The project: After consultation with media representatives, industry representatives and bodyboard professionals the idea of ​​the Free Surf World Tour was born. The new format presents the best of top level bodyboarding to a huge online audience. It is also very mobile and can move on spots with the best conditions anywhere on a continent rather than being based inside a competition structure at a single beach.

With enormous support from bodyboarders around the world and the desire of fans to have more and more content online, this new format should make it possible to "change the game".

The tests: They have locked up to 6 events for 2015 that cover all continents around the world.
Events are divided into regions:
1. Europe - January to February
2. North America - February to March
3. Pacific Australia - April to May
4. Indian Ocean Australia - May to June
5. Africa - July to August
6. South America - September to October

The choice of competitors: They will select a diverse group of bodyboarders within each region and put them in a short list, allowing all subscribers to have the opportunity to choose who should participate in each event. They will also offer invitations to the best local shippers who want to compete with professional bodyboarders.

The voting system: The bodyboarders will then have a month to make a short film of one minute with a maximum of extreme action that you can then watch. Subscribers will then have the power to vote for the clip they think is the best of each event. The bodyboarder with the most votes will then win the competition.

The different subscriptions:
Bronze: $ 29.99 per year.
Gold: $ 399.99 per year.

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