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Raúl Reguera. Follow Raúl daily and with his website you can find a whole bunch of information about surfing, bodyboarding, beaches, waves and the best spots in southern Spain. A website by bodyboarders of Cadiz (Spain) for the rest of the world.

Raul Reguera was born in Cadiz, where he started riding 20 years ago. He is currently part of the best bodyboarders in European and his results in competition are very good in nationally and internationally. The press say he is the best bodyboarder Andalusian.
Apart from water he is fan of all sports in general and practice a healthy lifestyle. He practices also self-defense and fitness.
He is Director and Graphic Designer in ODM.

Quiksilver, FOUND boards, Volkswagen Bahíamovil, Meduxa, Evo Fins.

Europe, Morocco, Canary Islands, South America, Hawaii ...

Favorite Spots:
Local: La Garita, V3, El Faro.
World: El Fronton, Cloud 9, Pipeline

La web de Raul Reguera es un lugar donde encontrar informacion sobre surf, bodyboard, playas y lugares paradisíacos donde encontrar todo lo mejor referente al deporte, las olas, las playas y lo mejor del sur de españa. Una web de bodyboard para bodyboarders desde Càdiz (españa) para el resto del mundo.

Source: http://www.raulreguera.com/index.html
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Raul Reguera

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