Sonnenbrand° Eco-Friendly Surfing & Bodyboarding

TIMBERWEDGE by Sonnenbrand° (sunburn) is an independent bodyboard&surf brand from Hamburg/Germany. Our principal object is to produce eco friendly stuff. In fact our clothing is made of 100 % organic cotton & produced by 100 % renewable energy. But we want more! Inspired of the Alaia, the original surfboard of the Hawaiians, that most boarders know, we proudly present our new product: The TIMBERWEDGE®, a handmade wooden bodyboard or as we say: New school Paipoboard. Because less well known is, that the modern bodyboard as well has its historical predecessor: The Paipoboard. The idea for TIMBERWEDGE® goes one step further in linking tradition and modernity. The goal was to combine that original gliding feeling of a wooden board with the handling of the modern bodyboard. At high speed down the line there is no risk of losing stability or control – this is why the TIMBERWEDGE® makes radical cut backs, 360°degree spins & dk maneuvers possible. The buoyancy is less, in comparison to the modern boards. Due to its material you may have to paddle a little harder. In return you can dive through the wave easier because of its lower volume. You will get used to it pretty quickly. With its bodyboarding fins you can very quickly pace up, so you won’t miss many waves anymore. Handmade from 100% Paulownia wood, a fast-growing timber, which is known for its exceptional lightness, flexibility & salt water resistance, glued with organic epoxy resin (greenpoxy56®) & laminated with solventless linseed oil, it's the most environmentally friendly way to boogie. Only the integrated leash-plug is still made of conventional plastic. We are working to eliminate even this "unnatural" detail. Each TIMBERWEDGE® is unique & will be produced only on order.

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