The Emerald Mystery --- youth novel !

NEW!  --The Emerald Mystery--  youth novel !  All main characters are Bodyboarders !


THREE YOUNG ADULTS ARE INVITED to spend a weekend at the exotic Timber Island. Maria is a professional in the sport of bodyboarding. Tina is an apprentice of the sport but very athletic, and she possesses other skills. And lastly there is Axell, a traveler and a veteran bodyboarder. For them, this invitation is extremely attractive because very few people have visited the place, also known for its secret surf breaks. The adventure sounds irresistible, so they accept the challenge.
Once all the guests are on the island, there is only one thing that worries Luis, their host and fellow bodyboarder: to venture out to find a stretch of secret coastline where the young man says they will face majestic wave no one has ever ridden.
By this time all of the guests have encountered some very strange things ... and some question whether they are being watched by someone. But who may want to follow them to an island inhabited by only two people, and for what reason? Are these young riders prepared to solve this mystery and accept what they discover as they investigate? Luckily, you'll also be there to accompany them on their journey and reach your own conclusions in this exciting adventure.

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